Albertans are facing many challenges

Cost of living
Crumbling education
Collapsing healthcare
...and much more

Rather than help Albertans, our Government is prioritizing distractions and corporate handouts over the essentials.

We are Albertans coming together to advocate for our priorities. This platform is our opportunity to make our voices heard, to drive real, positive change, and to ensure that our leaders are truly leading us forward, working to improve our families' lives.

Let's build a province where leadership means prioritizing the needs of the people, not the profits of corporations.

As Premier Danielle Smith sees lawn signs pop up across Alberta, she’ll know that we’re united and clear on the kind of future we’re calling for.

Each lawn sign is a voice demanding action on the essential issues that matter most to Albertans.

Alberta has an advantage, but it’s being blocked. Take action to Tell Danielle to lift the ban on Alberta’s energy future.

More actions coming soon